photo by Elena Ferré

The first birthday gift which really surprised me was a film camera. I was six. Since then, the move to digital photography was just one of many changes in the way I photograph. I completed an Advanced Course of Travel Photography with the Photographic Society of Singapore¹ and a workshop on Editing Your Work with David H. Wells². More recently, took a course on Photographic Storytelling with the Dutch-born photographer Guus Rijven³ and a workshop on Short Story Writing with Lisa Friedman. My pictures have been featured in over 50 feature stories in press and three books I published in 2011, 2018 and 2020.

After living in Portugal, Italy, the United States, Switzerland and Singapore, I moved to The Netherlands in 2013. I am still as fascinated about photography and new cultures as when I was a six-old.

Contacts and commissions. I am specialized on people-focused photo stories and documentary photography. If you have queries or work assignments, please reach out:

pmonteiro.reports [at]
+31 (0) 64 355 28 50