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UMM Netherlands
Paulo Alegria - Chaimite SFOR



photos made in Portugal, Kosovo and Lithuania

a 750-copy edition to be published in April 2018

My upcoming book will be the first ever published on the three most famous Portuguese military vehicles - the Berliet-Tramagal trucks, the Chaimite armoured vehicles and the UMM jeeps. It is a 144-page book written in Portuguese and with extensive English summaries per chapter and full English photo captions.


It covers the life of the Berliet, Chaimite and UMM - as well as the modern Pandur II - from their production in Portugal to deployment in combat and peacekeeping missions overseas. 50 years of stories told first-hand by their protagonists (40 interviews) and archive documents and shown in pictures (25 photos reportages in Portugal, Kosovo and Lithuania).

[Pre-order your copy of the book here]

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